C-EF Machine

The EXHAUST TOOLING LIMITED ‘C-EF’ tube end forming machine incorporates both the ETL standard C head and also the EF head mounted side by side upon a common machine base/hydraulic tank.

The ‘C’ head has a single horizontal hydraulic ram with micrometer adjustment for  
the stroke length.  The drop-in tool nest ahead of the ram was designed to accept all standard C type tooling, including the CSH (slotting) head and its many variations to notch and pierce.

The EF head also incorporates a hydraulic vise and ram action allowing all the functions of the E head to be performed. In addition, it also incorporates a rotating spindle (driven by hydraulic motor) and running through the horizontal piston shaft which also allows rotary end-forming using rotary tooling and contoured vise jaws to produce both angular and spherical flares of the tube end.

The two machine heads can be operated individually or in sequence but NOT simultaneously.  They can also be operated in 3 steps to give gradual sizing over 3 hits per cycle to help prevent splitting of stainless steel components during the forming operation - this facility is controlled by key switch operation.


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