Orbital Spinning Machine

The Exhaust Tooling Ltd ‘OS’ Machine is a self contained unit and has two individually controlled hydraulic cylinders, one to clamp the part, the other a ram for forming or segmented tooling operations, and a rotary spindle for spinning.

It also features a hydraulically powered lower vise jaw slide, which can be selected to move out towards the operator at the end of every operation, until cycle start signals its return.

The ‘F’ Head has a single action horizontal ram and a vertical clamping vise.  The vise can be easily removed if not required.  The ‘F’ Head will accept all ‘E’ type forming tooling for vise - ram forming plug expanding, ring reducing, flaring or coning.  Also with the rotary spindle within the horizontal ram rotary flaring, rotary bead forming, etc. can be performed.

With the vise removed the head will accept large or standard size ‘C’ type expanding, reducing or slotting tooling.

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