IO-C Machine

The ETL 'IO-C' machine has a a combination of heads requested for
a customer requirement.

IO-HEAD (A = LH Head from operators position)
This head has a dual action cylinder which applies a separate and individually controlled force to each element of tooling, the inside expanding fingers and the outside reducing jaws. 

Ten operating sequences are provided by the thumbwheel, and understanding them will help you get the most out of the machine.  For example, a sizing operation which requires a close tolerance inside diameter choose a sequence in which the Outer Ram returns before the Inner Ram.  For critical Inner-with Expansion.: the sequence would be, the inside fingers would expand to the setting of the stop nut, then the outside jaws would close to the stop nut , or else close down to squeeze the outside of the tube onto the fingers (both should be set to occur at the same time.) After a barely visible delay the outside jaws should retract followed by the collapse of the inside of the fingers.

C-HEAD (B = RH Head from operators position)
The C-Head is used for expanding and reducing tubes, using segmented tooling. It can also accept tooling heads for slotting, piercing or notching.

The head has a single horizontal hydraulic ram with micrometer adjustment for stroke length.  The drop-in tool location is ahead of the ram which is designed to accept all standard C type tooling.

The two machine heads can be operated individually or in sequence but NOT simultaneously.  They can also be operated in 3 steps to give gradual sizing over 3 hits per cycle to help prevent splitting of stainless steel components during the forming operation - this facility is controlled by a key-switch operation.

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