Vertical Flanger Machine

Flanging is the process of putting the return lip on to the end of a silencer / muffler case, to enable the end plate to be spun onto the case.


The ETL Flanger is of a vertical configuration especially suited to cellular manufacture where floor space is at a premium.

The machine is fitted with quick change tooling, and a rapid set mode, ensuring minimum downtime between product runs.

When used in conjunction with the ETL Casemaker, a single operator can produce a flanged box every 17 seconds. This combined with a changeover time of 50 seconds, for a single operator, enables a production rate compatible with highly automated production lines.

The ETL machine operates on the principal of push flanging, and does not use any form of clamps or guides. The machine is fitted with a hydraulically adjustable bottom platen to allow the positioning of the box in the most ergonomic position for the operator.


Tooling consists of a pair of hardened steel flange heads.
The heads are designed for quick change in the machine, using a simple slide and locking plate.

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